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Welcome To The Shaw Manufacturing Company Website.

       The objective of this website is to bring together the  owners of equipment manufactured at the Stanley W. Shaw company in Galesburg, Kansas; that is, the owners of his bikes, clip-on engines,  Speedsters, auto to tractor conversion's kits, walk-behind garden tractors, riding tractors and mowers, and probably some other types of Shaw equipment that I don't even know about yet.  

       My name is Jim Herbert.  I'm the the administrator for the website.  Right now, as of January 1, 2010, I'm the only member. but by late Spring I'm hoping we'll have at least 30 members.


I am sorry to inform everyone that Jim passed away in July 2014.  If the group wants to keep this forum going it will need a new website admin.  If you are interested, please contact me at









Sign up and sign in and let your thoughts be known.

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