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Welcome To The Shaw Manufacturing Company Website.

       The objective of this website is to bring together the  owners of equipment manufactured at the Stanley W. Shaw company in Galesburg, Kansas; that is, the owners of his bikes, clip-on engines,  Speedsters, auto to tractor conversion's kits, walk-behind garden tractors, riding tractors and mowers, and probably some other types of Shaw equipment that I don't even know about yet.  

       My name is Jim Herbert.  I'm the the administrator for the website.  Right now, as of January 1, 2010, I'm the only member. but by late Spring I'm hoping we'll have at least 30 members.


        Flash forward.  It's now November, 2011.  We grew 50 members.  However, at that point we would have had to start paying $25/month to operate the website.  So we've had to start charging dues.  It's $7.00/yr, or $18.00/3yrs, or $35.00 for the remaining eight years that we'll have the domain name --- before it's renewed.

        Please send your check to:

                                    James Herbert

                                    7748 Zimmerman Rd.

                                    Hamburg, NY. 14075

        At that point your membership will begin again; until then it's "pending."

        As for new members; fill out the registration form, send in your check and your membership wil then be activated. 

        Oh, and welcome to both the new and the renewed.


    I've got some new ideas that I'd like to include in the website during this coming winter.  

1)   I'd like to republish a lot of info from Clifford Bridgford's 1990's newsletter.  There's a wealth of information there about restoring and maintaining your Shaw.

2)  Also, I plan on developing a kind of registrar for members, where you'll each have a web page in which you can send a photo of your Shaw or Shaws, along with a short write up about it, and its owner (you).

3)  John Hasty has sent me a lot of photos that go back to the 1920's and through into the early '60's.  I hope to create a photo gallery. 

    Thanks to those who have already rejoined.  Suggestions on how to make the club more useful to everyone are welcomed anytime. 








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